If you have a computer that needs a network cable connecting - Typically this will be the case for a desktop computer especially in a business setting where you are likely to have multiple computers in the office then you will need to connect the computer using a Network Interface Cable (NIC) - These look like this (both ends are the same), they are similar to old phone cables but bigger :

Image result for NIC cable

This cable will plug into a Network port on your computer (If a desktop PC at the back) if a laptop usually around the side:

Image result for Ethernet portImage result for Ethernet port laptop

Once you have connected one end of the cable to your computer then the other end will probably go into a wall socket if you are based in a office or business premises, these often have 2 points next to each other:

Image result for Ethernet wall socket

That should be it, Your PC should now be working on the internet.

If you still have no connection then you are likely going to require further networking assistance so give us a call